CNA to LPN Online – How Long Does it Take?

A certified nurse assistant works alongside with nurses and has daily patient duties that relate to a patient’s personal health. An LPN has taken specialized medical courses and is able to perform a higher level of tasks. Going from a CNA to LPN online requires extra schooling, but in the end the pay raise makes it worthwhile. On average, an LPN makes over $13,000 more than a CNA.

CNA to LPN Online

Both positions are under the supervision of an attending physician, but CNAs do more of the menial jobs, while LPNs have greater responsibility. LPNs can perform basic medical procedures such as setting up IVís and administering medications. CNAs are limited to doing tasks like taking care of a patient’s personal hygiene.

It takes over 400 hours of additional training to make the leap from CNA to LPN, with an emphasis on maternity, pharmacology and pediatrics. These practicing nurses will then find positions in medical centers such as hospital’s and long term care facilities. While the same is true for CNAs they will also work in private homes for people who can be either ambulatory or bed ridden.

Training can be found at most colleges, vocational schools, and online programs and generally take two years to complete. How do online CNA classes work and how do online LPN classes work?  Online classes are very similar to course work done in the classroom. Also, financial help is available in the form of grants, both governmental and private and are sometimes reimbursed by an employer. Once they have graduated, LPNs must pass the NCLEX-PN test before they can begin employment. This test on average costs $200 and may take up to five hours to complete. The student will need to answer at least 85 questions and can find study help from online tutorials.

The final steps and requirements to become a working LPN include, being 18 years of age or older, maintaining at least a 2.0 GPA and acquiring a license in the state where you wish to work. This last step is overseen by the state board of nursing and involves a fee. The fastest track to becoming an LPN is to join a bridge program, where all your existing credits will be transferred towards your new degree. This will save you time and money, allowing you to expedite the entire process.

Can You Get A CNA Certification Online?

A common question among people interested in pursuing a career as a certified nursing assistant is, are there cna classes online? CNA certification online programs have become very popular in recent years, and are available nationwide.

Most people begin taking online programs because they have a shortage of time. Family responsibilities and odd work hours can make it hard for many students to attend traditional classes. When obtaining an online CNA certification you will do the majority of your course work online. The school you apply to will tell you where your clinical work will be completed. Normally clinicals are done at a nearby hospital or medical center.

Most programs allow you to complete the entire academic portion of your CNA certification online through interactive classroom technology. In most cases, online assignments will replace the traditional testing. The assignments are generally e-mailed to the instructor on a designated date, and graded much like any other school assignment. There are some online CNA programs that allow students to work at their own pace, but most schools require that you complete your work on a quarter or semester basis just like the traditional students.

The best way of learning about online CNA certification courses is to meet with the academic adviser at the campus of your choice. An academic adviser can explain the prerequisites of their program such as minimum GPA and core classes that need to be taken before acceptance in to the program. The academic adviser is especially helpful in guiding you if you are looking to pursue a specialized field, or need to apply for financial assistance.

Most employers will view an online degree the same way they see a traditional degree because the clinical portion of the training was completed in person. There should be no issues with finding a job with an online certification. Check with the academic adviser at a nearby campus to see if an online CNA certification could be right for you.